Music Critic Chet Flippo Flips Off Oklahoma Music!

Who are these people and why are they saying these things about our beloved Oklahoma music? Chet Flippo is a highly regarded music journalist with a long career, so it was as surprising as it was dismaying to see such a lazy, uninformed, inaccurate dismissal of our Oklahoma music community. His “research” consisted of

a) consulting the Red Dirt entry in Wikipedia,

b) calling his Austin friend Joe Nick Patoski (who evidently thinks Cross Canadian Ragweed is Alabama), and,

c) for some reason, contacting a bar owner in, er, Missouri, for his opinion. Missouri?

Evidently, no one from Oklahoma, where Red Dirt music was born and has evolved for decades, was deemed worth consulting.

Click the link to read his comments.

CMT Red Dirt Essay


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2 Comments on “Music Critic Chet Flippo Flips Off Oklahoma Music!”

  1. Scott Aycock Says:

    Below is my response to the Chet Flippo article that I posted on myspace. Now that Folk Salad has it’s own blog, thought I would include here. Enjoy, or not.

    Music critic Chet Flippo, flips off Red Dirt Music

    Ok guys, you can cut and past the URL above to read Chet’s dissing of Red Dirt Music. What an ass, the guy just doesn’t get it.
    He thinks Red Dirt is just another word for progressive country and ties it to Austin. Also, he says it is born out of some sort of envy of Texas music.
    Well first of all we consider Texas our musical cousins and we admire them and their troubadour songwriting tradition ie. Townes Van Zandt, and Ray Wylie Hubbard to
    name a few. We know that Texas also admires our red dirt tradition, and many artists are now co-opting that label and imitating the red dirt sound. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Go for it!!!
    Musicians and songwriters often absorb the geographical region where they live, the culture, and the musical history. It becomes like an accent our a particular dialect that is peculiar to that area, except it spills into the music. Red Dirt is Oklahoma music plain and simple.
    Now I don’t want to sound like some sort of pompous critic, as that would not be in the spirit of Red Dirt Music, so let me say this: Music belongs to everyone and has the ability to cross all boundaries and touch all lives. Red dirt music is no different in that respect and may actually be more embracing of other traditions than some other genres of music. It is a music that is born out of the spirit of Woody Guthrie and spurred on by the rhythm of Bob Wills, JJ. Cale and Leon Russell.
    Mr. Flippo, from his lofty chair in Nashville has perhaps become jaded, but his personal attack on Oklahoma sounds like envy. Does he forget that Oklahoma, besides the artists mentioned above, produced Vince Gill, Reba MacIntyre, Ronnie Dunn of Brooks and Dunn, Jimmy Webb, David Gates, James Talley, The Flaming Lips and dare I say Toby Keith and GArth Brooks.
    Red Dirt music is not just a style it is a spirit contained in the music. If that all sounds too mysterious, then so be it, because personally, I still like a little mystery in my life. You can also find a link to Chet Flippo’s article on our website and you can read a great article in praise of red dirt music by former Tulsa World critic, John Wooley at our site under the news, reviews and interviews tab.
    Any red dirt fans out there want to respond?

  2. mojowrkn Says:

    You mean the Nashville isn’t hip to what is really happening in music? What a surprise…

    Chet Flippo needs to get out of Nashville more often… as a matter of fact Nashville needs to get out of Nashville more often.

    Pretty soon they will all be saying they were Red Dirt when Red Dirt wasn’t cool.

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