You Might Be a Red Dirt Musician If….

A lot of musicians are calling themselves Red Dirt musicians and fans these days, but no two people seem to agree just exactly what that means, so, how’s an up-and-coming young guitar (or, for that matter, accordion) player supposed to know if he’s Red Dirt or not?

You can help! Just for fun, complete the following sentence:

“You might be a Red Dirt musician if….”

Here’s a couple of example to give you the idea:

“You might be a Red Dirt musician if Tom Skinner has recorded one of your songs.”

“You might be a Red Dirt musician if you own a well-thumbed copy of the “Bob Childers Great Big Book of Guitar Chords”.

Have fun with it!


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6 Comments on “You Might Be a Red Dirt Musician If….”

  1. Dan Says:

    Thought you might be interested…

    Seventh Annual Hinton Guitar Festival
    July 27th & 28th 2007

    Red Rock Canyon State Park in Hinton, OK Free Live Music in a beautiful outdoor setting!

    Play. Listen. Camp. Enjoy.

    A Jam Session for anyone who loves music.

    Rock – Country – Blues – Jazz – Bluegrass – Classical

    The purpose of this festival is simply for the enjoyment of playing the guitar. This festival is a way to meet and learn from each other. Whether you have played in front of thousands, or only for yourself, If you have been playing for 30 years or 30 days, you are invited to come and jam with us.

    The concerts will be held Friday evening and all day Saturday of the festival. All musicians are invited and encouraged to play in the Guitar Festival Band at the concert.

    Bands or solo artists can perform on the stage during the concert. Make sure and get a time slot early, spots are filling up fast!

    There is no cost to play and participate or just listen and enjoy the concert.

    Although this is a guitar festival, we also are looking for singers and other musicians to participate in the fun.

  2. You might be a Red Dirt Musician if you end up in Lawton, OK on July 24th

    North of Austin/West of Nashville: Red Dirt Music
    Premiere set for July 24, 7 pm, CU Theatre, Lawton, OK

    The official website for the documentary “North of Austin/West of Nashville: Red Dirt Music” is The project explores Red Dirt Music, born in Stillwater, OK, considered the “Nashville” of Red Dirt Music. The music continues to evolve as many of the Red Dirt artists have relocated to Texas and elsewhere in recent years. This once uniquely Oklahoman music has migrated south to Austin, west to Nashville, and abroad to such countries as France.

    The film features interviews with many Oklahoma musicians. Included in the film are Wade Bowen, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Stoney Larue, Jackson Taylor, No Justice, Johnny Cooper, Tom Skinner, Red Dirt Rangers, Randy Crouch, Bob Childers, Casey Pilgreen, Brandon Jenkins, Cory Morrow, Roger Creagar, Bleu Edmondson. Also on tap are Stan Moffat of Payne County Line Promotions, Frank Jackson with Smith Music Group and Radio DJs, Jett Black with 94.9, “The Outlaw”, and Jim Nash with 106.9, “The Ranch 8”.

    The premiere for the film, “North of Austin/West of Nashville: Red Dirt Music”, is set for July 24th, 7 pm in the Cameron University Theatre. Also featured will be live performances by Johnny Cooper along with other local artists whom will be named later. Following the concert, another viewing of the film will follow. This free event is open to the public; however, seating is limited to 400.

    Information Contacts:

    For more information about the project and/or premiere, call 580-581-5510 or email

    For more information about Cameron University, Department of Communication, call 580-581-2359 or visit

  3. Laile Says:

    You might be a Red Dirt Musician if …..all of the above have been on your CD.s or you wrote or lived the songs we sing …or just shared a boiled crawfish dinner with some good friends ….over a hot guitar and a little extra Hot Sauce with Randy Crouch. …OUCH!!!
    Peace , Love and Honky-Tonk

  4. texasdirt Says:

    You might be a Red Dirt Musician if you have been a Featured Artist at

  5. Rickey Ray Says:

    You might be a Red Dirt Musician if you have won a songwriting category at the Walnut Valley Music Festival in Winfield Kansas and all of the songs or type of songs that you’ve been playing for the past 35 years are now called “Red Dirt”. You JUST MIGHT be a Red Dirt Musician if you produced or appeared on the CD “Songs For The Illinois River”

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