Dave Moore’s “Breaking Down To 3” –Revisiting An Old Friend

There are very few records that reward repeated listening the way “Breaking Down To 3” (Red House Records, 1999) does.

Revisiting these songs time and again over the years gives you the feeling after a while of a shared history, as if you’re sitting in a familiar room with an old friend as he speaks to you with quiet urgency about things you both know really matter. As if you’d maybe once helped him paint over certain rooms in a house he where he once lived, or you’d maybe once gone scuba diving together where the sharks don’t sleep, with some other good ol’ boys, all long gone now.

Dave Moore remembers these stories much better than you do, and others, too, that he’s only told you about, and it’s no longer necessary for him to be explicit about their details. The singer of these songs sounds like a man who’s had some peace to make, and has made it.


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One Comment on “Dave Moore’s “Breaking Down To 3” –Revisiting An Old Friend”

  1. barry Says:

    You might be a red dirt musician if you played music in southeast asia

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